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Things you need to know about bulletproof helmet

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Nowadays, bulletproof helmet has been a necessity for many militaries, security sectors, as well as defense ministries. So, it is not a stranger for most of us. However, how much do you know about it?

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1.Definition of bulletproof helmet

Bulletproof helmets are made of special materials such as Kevlar and PE, etc., and can resist the attack of bullets to some extent. But many people have some misconceptions about bulletproof helmets, which blames for the term "bulletproof" for its common misconception. With so-called bulletproof helmets, they are usually considered as impenetrable. Bulletproof helmets do not actually exist. With enough sustained fire or the use of dedicated ammo, just about any type of armor ceases to actually be bulletproof.

2.Materials of bulletproof helmet

Bulletproof helmets can be made of many materials, such as aramid, PE, and bulletproof steel. Aramid and PE are new high-tech synthetic fibers developed in 60s and 80s, and compared with bulletproof steel, they have many performance benefits, such as light weight and high strength, which have promoted their application in bulletproof industry. Aramid and PE helmets are much lighter in weight, but also more expensive than steel ones at the same protection level. In addition, due to the characteristics of the materials themselves, there are special requirement on the preservation of aramid and PE helmets, for example, aramid helmets should be kept away from sunlight and avoided contacting with water, while PE helmets should be kept away from hot objects, for it is very vulnerable to high temperature.

3.Type and structure of bulletproof helmet

Bulletproof helmets can be mainly divided into three types: FAST helmet, MICH helmet and PASGT helmet. There are some differences between these helmets in structure and function design. For example, the FAST, MICH and PASGT helmets of Newtech Armor are all designed with suspension accessary (Modular memory cotton pad which makes the helmets more comfortable to wear). In addition, there are also rails on the helmets, by which the wearers can carry some accessories such as night-vision goggles and flashlight, according to their needs. Helmets with different dimensions are available to fit customers with different sizes.

4.Protection levels of bulletproof helmet

With the limitation of technology and materials, bulletproof helmets can be made with a highest level of merely NIJ IV. As we all know, the weight of helmet is directly proportional to its protection level, namely, the higher the protection level of the helmet, the greater its weight. Even with advances in material fibers, the weight required to achieve a true rifle rated ballistic helmet climbs drastically with each NIJ rating achieved. Great weight will bring great hindrance to the wearers’ motion and cause much discomfort. That is why we can’t produce a NIJ V helmet.

Things you need to know about bulletproof helmet-正文2

Above is all the clarification for bulletproof helmets. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

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