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The Common Structure of Bullets

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Bullet is a highly lethal ammunition, which can attack the target at an extremely high speed, causing a tremendous damage. Bullets now are rich in category, but single in basic elements. They are mainly consisted of four parts, warheads, propellants, primers and cartridges. What are the functions of these four parts? Here is the explanation.


Warhead is wrapped in the cartridge and occupy the front position. It is the thing, which directly impact the target object. The warhead is usually conical in shape, which help to overcame air resistance, achieve an accurate hitting.


Propellant is also known as powder, is located behind the warhead in the cartridge. It can produce great air pressure to propel the projectile through its combustion and explosion.


Primer is at the bottom of the shell, can ignite the propellant so as to propel the warhead. Once the trigger of the pistol is pulled, the knocking needle and other will ignite the primer by knocking and extruding action, finally igniting the propellant to release amount of gas with extremely high pressure. Primers can be divided into three types: needle primer, rimmed primer and center primer. Primers can be divided into three types: needle primer, flange primer and center primer. Different primers detonate propellants in different ways. And I won't go into details here.


Cartridge is the container of the three parts above. It is usually made of alloy, except the grapeshot shell which are usually made of paper or plastic besides except the base.

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