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The Characteristics of Newtech Humanoid Shield

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Shield is one of the indispensable ballistic-proof equipment for soldiers who fight with enemies in battle. As war develops and the battlefields becomes more and more complex, various types of shields have emerged with different levels and shapes, such as the briefcase shields, ladder shields, and Humanoid shields. We have introduced briefcase shields and ladder shields before. Today, let me give you a little introduction of the Humanoid Shields of Newtech are usually made from special advanced UHMW-PE, which is much lighter in weight than any other material. So, it is easier to carry and use. This shield can be made with a protection level of NIJ III, which is rated to stop most rifle bullets, while its weight is about 2-3 kilograms heavier than a IIIA shield, which is rated to stop only pistol bullets in the same size. For the special police who often use bullet-proof equipment, a shield with great weight will not only consume a lot of physical strength, but also hinder the flexibility of their tactical actions. So, this shield is a good combat partner for combat troops.

Unlike the conventional bullet-proof shield, it has a nearly right-angled defect at the top left and right sides respectively. This shield looks like a human in figure, so it is named Humanoid shield. The shield has no viewing window, but the top defects can be used as both firing port and viewing hole. The simpler structure makes the shield more protective than other shields of the same level and size. In the course of battle, aiming shooting can be carried out on either defect, which saves much physical strength, and can realize a great cooperation between defense and attack. In addition, this design can facilitate the left-handed and right-handed person well.

So, it can be regarded as a sensible choice for all concerned.

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