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Indestructible Paint——Polyurea

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If you are attentive, you can find that the Pentagon, truck bedliners, oil platforms in the North Sea, and bulletproof vests all have a common. Indestructible paint came to fame as a viral sensation when a group of Australians coated a watermelon with it and dropped it from a height of 45 meters. To boost the fame the same group conducted the test also for an egg. Amazingly, not only did the watermelon not shatter, it bounced, same happened to the egg. However, indestructible coating has so many more uses than fruit and egg protection; Originally designed to protect vehicles, indestructible paint has uses in sectors from heavy industrial and agricultural to marine and offshore.

Indestructible paint is a proprietary blend of a coating called polyurea. Though the exact formula is kept secret, the coating is essentially a combination of an isocyanate and a polyol resin. The polyol works like a plasticizer, and when the two components are combined they react resulting in a long chain molecule. It is these chains are responsible for the coating’s indestructible properties – all tangled up together, they make the coating hard and impenetrable, but because the chains can stretch out and return to place, it remains flexible. This gives the paint incredible tensile strength and tear resistance.

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In addition, polyurea has many advantages in performance:

1.Fast return to service time – touch dry in seconds like traditional polyurea

2.High abrasion resistance and impact protection

3.Chemical resistance

4.Watertight and airtight monolithic membrane –resists water

5.No VOCs, no CFCs, no solvents – environmentally friendly

Indestructible paint is a hot sprayed polyurea, which dries in seconds to minutes. The process is time sensitive because, once the 2 components of the coating are combined, the reaction begins immediately and cannot be reversed. Due to this, the coating application requires a special spray gun. The two components are pressurized then pumped into the gun through heated hoses. They are combined and sprayed at the same moment. This means that there are only seconds from the moment of spraying to having a dry surface.

Above is all the introduction of polyuria. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

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