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How to choose the brand of body armor?

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Following the increasing demand for protective equipment, various brands and advertisements are pouring in to our life. Faced with so much brands, do you know how to make a right choice?

Currently, the United States and China are the major producers of bulletproof products in the world. And 60% to 70% of bulletproof products in the world are made in China. Even many armor products labelled American trademarks on the market are made in China. For some reasons, many people think that China's products are not reliable in quality, which is not completely correct, for the products of Chinese well-known manufacturers are fully quality and can meet our protection requirements well. Therefore, to choose a right armor brand, it is necessary to know about China’s brands first. Here is some explication:

1.Chinese bulletproof products

In contrast to the general idea, the beginning of China's bulletproof equipment industry is not late, many state-owned enterprises began to develop and produce bulletproof equipment as early as 1980s. But at present, China's well-known bulletproof equipment manufacturers beginning in the late 1990s are all private enterprises. They are all supported by the western advanced technologies introduced by some doctors of material science from Sweden and the United States, such as Lei Bingqiang, who once served as a visiting researcher at the Swedish Defense Research Institute, and developed ceramic bulletproof plates independently in the early 2000. Chinese manufacturers lag behind the US in technology, especially in the R & D of top materials and design, but the low price of their products brought by low labor cost is really irresistible for many people. In addition, many armor manufacturers hold down prices to win market share on Alibaba, the largest foreign trade platform in China. Not long ago, a foreigner bought a "Shanzhai" bulletproof plate from a Chinese manufacturer at a price of only 100 US dollars, but it resisted rounds of shooting successfully, which has triggered a heated discussion. Such a NIJ IV plate only sells for 100 dollars, while a plate with the same level in the United States costs up to 245 dollars.

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Many Chinese manufacturers produce protective equipment in accordance with the NIJ standard strictly, but we cannot eliminate the possibility that some products of some small-scaled factories can’t meet the NIJ standard. Therefore, it is necessary for us to purchase equipment from authoritative brand. I will list some reliable manufacturers, some of which are in cooperation with some American sellers, namely, they provide products for those well-known American brands. You can contact these manufacturers directly, which can help you save a lot of money.

2.American bulletproof products

Many people should be familiar with some American brands, whose advertisements have full fill google. For example, AR500, a famous armor manufacturer, has gained great attention and sales volume, based on the cooperation with YouTuber FPSRussia. American products usually have good quality, and many of them are designed more comfortable and practical, such as tactical vests and helmets. In addition, American manufacturers are also leading the way in the development of new bulletproof materials and the design of products, which make their products lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear. However, there are also some overstated brands. For example, the Ceramic dragon scale plate of a certain brand are always regarded as an excellent product with upgraded protection capability, but it is not any stronger and even more heavy than traditional Ceramic plates in fact. More seriously, these Ceramic dragon scale plates all fail to meet the NIJ standard.

3.Authoritative brands

Chinese brands:

Now, let’s talk about Chinese manufacturers and brands.

Newtech armor:

Newtech armor is a reliable manufacturer, which grew out of Swed Security & Protecting Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Its products are mainly exported to the Middle East and Europe military. Based on its strong technologies, adjustments can be made on products according to customer’s need.

Hunan Zhongtai

Hunan Zhongtai is one of the earliest manufacturers of UHMW-PE with large scale in China. It has offered raw materials for many Chinese manufacturers. But their products are not retailed.

Beijing Pufan

Beijing Pufan is famous in America. It can also produce UHMW-PE and its products are all pretty in appearance.

Zhejiang Light-Tough

Zhejiang Light-Tough is the first bulletproof plate maker in China. Its bulletproof products are cheap and qualified, but not retailed.

How to choose the brand of body armor-正文2

American brands:


ATS has a long history. With advanced technologies, it provides all kinds of qualified protective products. You can feel comfortable to by these products.


Many people may be familiar with AR500, which is the most famous company in the field of protective equipment industry. It mainly produces steel plates, whose price is lower than that of American ceramic plates.

Newtech armor has devoted on the research and development of bulletproof products for 11 years, and offers a full line of military hard armor plates with the protection levels of NIJ IIIA, III, and IV. When considering the purchase of hard armor plates, you can visit our website to find the best one for yourself. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

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