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Finland's NATO Membership Deepens Concerns Over the Area Safety Risk

Time : 2023-04-13 Hits : 128

The date, 4th April, 2023 has its significant meaning for NATO, but also for Finland. As on the date of which the anniversary of NATO establishment, Finland joined NATO alliance, therefore, become the 31st member in NATO.

In response to the move, Russia said it will be forced to take military measures to eliminate threat of that Finland join NATO which may cause national security to Russia. Analyst point out that Finland's accession to NATO may makes profoundly change to strategic pattern of Europe and deepens regional security risks.

Finland, owns the longest land border with Russia in European countries, which is 1,340 kilometers long. Finland's accession to NATO will be not solely mean that NATO's border with Russia will be roughly doubled, it also put Finland directly into the front line of the alliance's confrontation with Russia. In future, In case of that NATO launch a new round of confrontation with Russia at the border between Finland and Russia, Finland will inevitably bring more uncertainties to its national security.

More importantly, with Finland's accession to NATO, the political, economic and security "de-neutralization" of some European countries will be further intensified, thus accelerating the trend of "collectivization" and "cantonization" . Driven by this trend, the NATo-Russia rivalry will be prolonged, which is bound to increase regional security risks and increase global instability.


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