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Different stab proof vests and their characteristics

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The stab-proof vest is a widely used protective vest, which can provide the wearer with effective protection from the sharp knives and daggers, etc. It has got great application in military filed, for example, in some security departments and police institutions, even in civil fields, for example, in the construction industry and some sports industries.

The stab-proof vests are usually made of high-performance fiber materials such as Kevlar, which have great resistance to sharp objects such as knifes and taper, as well as good wear resistance. The great stab-proof performance of stab-proof vests comes from its special internal structure and the high performance of the fiber material itself. Stab-proof vests can be divided into three types: soft vests, semi-soft vests and hard vests.

Soft stab proof vests:

Soft stab-proof vests are usually made by blending the polyethylene chopped yarn of super-high strength and density with the aramid chopped yarn. These materials usually have excellent properties such as high strength and large elastic modulus, bring the vest great resistance to the cutting and stabbing of knifes and draggers. In addition, they can also be used with hard armor plate. With the assistance of hard armor plate, the soft stab proof vest can effectively prevent the attack of cold steels such as knives, swords and daggers, providing a stronger protection for human’s viscera.

Semi-soft stab proof vests:

Semi-soft stab proof vests are usually made of various new materials based on special integrated machining technology. Besides great stab-proof capability, they also have good resistance to the invasion of general explosives and fragments, as well as good waterproof, acid and alkali-proof and ultraviolet-proof performances. So, they have always been regarded as the ideal protective devices for civil aviation security, court police, financial network security, public security firefighters, cashiers and so on. However, compared with the soft stab proof vest, it has lower softness and is not as comfortable as soft ones.

Hard stab proof vests:

Hard stab-proof vests are made of many metal plate units which are assembled and arranged in order, covered with a soft coating. They have strong rigidity, high hardness, and excellent stab-proof performance, and can effectively resist the attackers with a puncture energy of 24J. Their stab proof capability is much stronger than that of soft and semi-soft vests. However, the heavy weight, poor comfort and moisture permeability have limited their application in many fields.

Above is all the clarification for stab-proof vests. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

Different stab proof vests and their characteristics-正文

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