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Current situation of Protection Equipment Industry

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As the gap between rich and poor around the world grows constantly, social contradictions became more and more acute. Many countries have to increase the investment in the field of public security, which has promoted the rapid development of the international protection equipment industry. Many protective products, such as ballistic vests, armor plates, and stab resistance vests have been widely used in police forces, security agencies and other fields, with a great market demand. Next, we will introduce the development of protection equipment industry from the following aspects.

1.Development of Materials

As early as the B.C., warriors in economically developed countries such as ancient Babylon had been equipped with bronze armor. With the development of materials science, materials used to make bulletproof products are constantly upgrading and diversifying. In 1940s, nylon bulletproof vests and fiberglass bulletproof vests appeared in the United States; in 1970s, the emergence of aramid led to an upsurge in the soft bulletproof vest industry; in 1990s, the use of high molecular weight polyethylene fiber greatly reduced the weight of bulletproof vests while improved their performance. Nowadays, the materials for protective products in the market are becoming more and more diverse. Many materials, such as Kevlar, PE, alumina, ceramics, carbonized steel and composite materials have been widely applied. Materials all have their own advantages and disadvantages in performance. The comprehensive use of materials base on their different properties has become a major trend in the application of bulletproof materials. In addition, the use of composite materials, such as silicon carbide ceramics, has greatly enhanced the strength and protection performance of bulletproof products.

2.Target Group

The industry has been categorized based on application as defense, law enforcement protection, and civilians.

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of weapons, the army has been paying more and more attention to the security of the soldiers, which has brought a bigger and bigger demands for protective equipment. According to statistics, the demand for bullet-proof products in army accounts for more than half of the total market demand.

With the deterioration and upgrading of criminal activities, law enforcement officers also encounter more and more dangers in the process of law enforcement. The escalating need for ensuring their safety is further leading to a large-scale procurement of body armor across the globe.

In addition, the rampant crimes of burglary, armed robbery, and gun attack on campus has also promoted civilian demand for bulletproof equipment. Although this demand only accounts for a small part of the total market demand, the total volume is huge and not allow to neglect.

3.Regional Distribution

The North American region has dominated the global body armor market for a long time. Some government military programs such as the Soldier Protection System-Torso and Extremity Protection (SPS-TEP) program have incited the growth in the regional protective equipment market. In addition, as American citizens are allowed to hold guns, shooting attack happens frequently, resulting in a huge demand for body armor among citizens. Furthermore, huge military expenditure in countries such as the United States and Canada has further accelerated the development of the local bulletproof equipment industry. And, the warfare & border disputes in the Asia Pacific countries, such as India, China, and South Korea, are also driving the demand in this region. Currently, China's bulletproof equipment industry is developing rapidly, enjoying more than 70% of the world market share.

4.Famous Enterprises

There are several key players dominating the industry including AR500 Armor,

ATS、Cooneen and so on. These leading companies all have advanced technology and strong R & D team, and have been focusing to the development of bulletproof products with high quality and high protection performance. The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) is a prominent example of hi-tech personal safety armor, which is adopted by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

There are also many powerful bulletproof equipment enterprises in China, such as Newtech armor, Hunan Zhongtai, Beijing Pufan, etc. With strong technical strength and production capacity, they all have gained good reputation in China.

Newtech armor has devoted on the research and development of bulletproof products for 11 years, and offers a full line of military hard armor plates with the protection levels of NIJ IIIA, III, and IV. When considering the purchase of hard armor plates, you can visit our website to find the best one for yourself. If there are still some questions,

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