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Are riot shields also bulletproof?

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Like bullet-proof shields, riot shield is also an important member of various police protection products. Many people will have the question whether the riot shield can also be bulletproof. Today, let me give you the answer.

Riot shield, as its name implies, is used to resist and defend against riots. Therefore, riot shield can often be seen in areas with frequent turbulence and riots. With riot shields, police armed can easily push rioters back. First of all, most riot shields we have seen are made of transparent materials, with a larger protective area than bulletproof shields. Structurally, this shield can be divided into two parts: shield plate and bracket. The bracket is fixed on the back of the shield plate through connecting parts, with buckles and handles on it. This shield is mostly convex arc or rectangular. The arc design enlarges the effective protection area and can provide more comprehensive protection for users. In addition, the transparent shield makes the visual field wider and makes it convenient for users to observe the surrounding environment in an all-round way. From the material point of view, riot shield is usually made of polycarbonate, PC, FRP and other lightweight materials, with great impact resistant and low temperature and high temperature resistant, and can effectively resist the attack of cold weapons, blunt weapons and unknown liquids. But the limitation of its materials also restricts its protection capacity (the most powerful weapons it can withstand are low-speed bullets, stray bullets, shrapnel, etc.) Therefore, riot shield can only be used for routine defense and usually used as standard equipment for riot police and public security. Bulletproof shield is usually made of super-strong fibers such as composite ceramics, HMW-PE and other materials with higher performance and strength. Its material determines its excellent anti-elastic performance. Therefore, the army and security departments, which are often threatened by guns, prefer to choose bullet-proof shields.

In summary, we can see that riot shield can reduce the damage caused by bullets to a certain extent, but cannot effectively defend bullets. Therefore, to make a reasonable selection on shields according to the specific situation is necessary.

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