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American bulletproof standard-UL752

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We have already introduced American NIJ standard, EN 1063 standard, and other standards. Today let’s talk about American bulletproof standard UL 752, which is one of the most common for light weapons. The details are shown as below:

Protection LevelWeaponammunitionBullet typeBullet Weigh(gr.)Shooting Distancevelocity(m/s)Shooting                                                                                                        Times
19mm pistol9mm x 19mmFMJ LC1244.6mm358-3953
2.357mgnum.357 or .38JLSP1584.6mm381-4193
3.44mgnum.44LSW GC2404.6mm411-4533
4.30-06 rifle.30-06LSP1804.6mm774-8521
57.62mm or .308 rifle7.62mm x 51LC/FMJ MiL1504.6mm838-9221
6UZL Submachine gun9mm x 19FMJ/LC1244.6mm427-4695
75.56mm rifle5.56mm x 45FMJ/LC554.6mm939-10335
87.62mmM147.62mm x 51LC/FMJ MiL1504.6mm838-9225
Shotgun12 gauge shotgunsSlugLead4374.6mm483-5323
Shotgun12 gauge shotguns00 buckshotLead6504.6mm366-4023

Note: FMJ- full metal jacket,LC- Lead core,SWC GC- semi wadcutter gas checked,JLSP- jacked lead soft point,LSP- Lead soft point.

Testing of 1-5 should be carried respectively at -32, 13, 23, 36, 49.4 ℃, 6-8 at 23 ℃.

American bulletproof standard UL752-正文

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