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How to use bulletproof backpack?

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A bulletproof backpack is never merely a simple backpack that can meet our usual needs---- with a bulletproof insert inside, it can help to resist robbery and the attack of guns. Therefore, many people would like to buy such a backpack for themselves and their family. There are several things you need to know about how to use and maintain your backpack, which are showed as follows:

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1.How to clean the bulletproof backpack

Just like ordinary clothes and backpacks, the bulletproof backpack is also need to be cleaned regularly. But there are some special requirements in the cleaning of bulletproof backpacks, because of their different structures.

Bulletproof backpack has a bulletproof insert inside which can provide some protection from the attack of bullets. Those bulletproof inserts are usually made of PE and Kevlar, which are featured with unique characteristics. For example, Kevlar is vulnerable to water. They can be hydrolyzed by absorbing water vapor even in a dry environment, resulting in a decrease of protection capability. Therefore, it is necessary to take the insert out from the backpack when performing a clearness. By comparison, PE has more stable characteristics, for it is water-resistance with a stable structure, but it has a poor heat resistance. High temperature (above 80℃) will directly cause a rapid decrease in the protection capability of backpack. So, you’d better take the PE insert out from the backpack when cleaning it, and do not put it in until the backpack becomes completely dry.

2.How to install the bulletproof insert

We all know that bulletproof backpacks are all consist two parts, a backpack and a bulletproof insert, with a IIIA protection level or a lower one. Generally speaking, bulletproof insert is attached to the backpack tightly in three ways.

1)There are Velcros in the backpack and on the bulletproof insert, by which they can be fixed tightly, and it is also easy to take the insert out.

2)There are special pockets in the backpack for a bulletproof insert, with a Velcro or zipper to seal the opening. By this way, the insert can be fixed stable, and easy to be taken out. Such backpacks are all designed specifically, so they are limited in style.

3)Put the bullet-proof insert into the backpack directly. Compared with the two kinds of backpacks above, this one is inferior in design, and the bullet-proof insert doesn't fit so tightly with backpack and move easily.

3.How to use the bulletproof backpack

Normally, bullet proof backpacks and ordinary backpacks are used the same way. Usually, the bulletproof bags are large enough to hold many books and the necessities for life. We have two kinds of backpacks respectively with large capacity and small capacity, which can meet many different needs. Different brands of bullet-proof backpacks have different bulletproof inserts with different sizes, which directly determines their protection areas. When attacked by guns, you had better squat down quickly, head down, back to the direction of bullets, taking full use of the protective area of bulletproof insert. When necessary, the bullet-proof backpack can be used as a handheld shield to protect us quickly withdraw from the dangerous scene and transferred to the safety zone. Additionally, placing some stuffing in the backpack, such as books, magazines, clothes and so on, can further enhance the backpack's protection capability. It should be reminded that like a hard armor plate, the bulletproof backpack need to be replaced in time after a gun attack, because it cannot go through a second gun attack due to the structure damage.

Above is all the clarification for bulletproof backpacks. If there are still some questions, welcome to contact us.

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