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NIJ IIIA PE Hard Armor Plate with Triple Curved STA

The NIJ Level IIIA PE Hard Armor Plate with Triple Curved STA is a NIJ 0101.06 qualified level IIIA plate, which can be used independently.
This plate is made of UHMW-PE (Test report available), and the materials inspection report can be provided, if needed..

Adjustments can be made on plates in line with customer’s need.

Product Features:

  • NIJ Level IIIA, stable and excellent protection capability against handguns.
  • Very Light and comfortable
  • Can concealed in clothes
  • Fits better to human body, and allows the wearers to move more freely, based on the triple curved molding.

Defense Level:

This Plate is NIJ 0101.06 certificated with a protection level of IIIA (Test report available). It can resist the attack of 9 mm Para FMJ, .44 Magnum JHP and lesser threats.

Threats Defeated:

9 mm Para FMJ / RN

.44 Magnum JHP


                                      NIJ Level IIIA defend threats

Plate Parameters:

Name: NIJ level IIIA PE Hard Armor Plate with Triple Curved STA

Series: 3AP-2530

Standard: NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA

Material: UHMW-PE

Weight: 0.5 + 0.05 KG / 1.1 LB + 0.11 LB

Size: 250 x 300 mm / 9.8’ x 11.8’

Thickness: 8 mm / 0.32’

Shape: Compared with single curved plate, the triple curved one fits better to human body, and its two upper corners tapered can maximize mobility during dynamic tactical operation.
(Triple curved plates also available with the same material and standard )

Finish: Polyurea
(Coating materials and print content up to customers)

                          NIJ IIIA PE Hard Armor Plate with Triple Curved STA


                                  Hard Armor Plate-Front

Hard Armor Plate-Front


                                  Hard Armor Plate-Back

Hard Armor Plate-Back

                                              Hard Armor Plate-Detail

Hard Armor Plate-Detail




                                    Hard Armor Plate-Bottom

Hard Armor Plate-Bottom



Target Users:

This shield can resist gun attack. With a special adjustment mechanism, it can be transformed into a ladder to adapt complex terrain. Armed with this shield, state organs, such as military, special police forces, homeland security, border protection agencies, and immigration control agency can get better protection while performing their duties.

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NIJ IIIA PE Hard Armor Plate with Triple Curved STA

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