GA141-2010 Police Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor


The protection capability of body armor can be divided into different grades, according to different classification criteria, such as American NIJ standard, British standard, German standard, Russian standard and Chinese GA standard, which are in common use.

Today, let’s talk about the body armor protecting levels based on GA141-2010 Police ballistic resistance of body armor.

Chinese bullet-proof standards have undergone several updates. The latest version is currently GA141-2010 Police ballistic resistance of body armor that was released on October 17, 2010, and implemented on December 1, 2010 from when GA141-2001 was abolished. The details of GA141-2010 Police ballistic resistance of body armor are as follows:

Note: Level 6 or above is regarded as a special level. Type 56 7 7.62mm ball (steel core) equates to 7.62mm AK47.

Compared with the standards of other countries, Chinese GA standard is much stricter with the trauma size in the tested body armor more. For example, according to the NIJ standard of the United States, the trauma is required less than 44 mm in depth, while Chinese standard 25 mm.

In addition, the level 2 and 3 in the GA standard are equivalent to the level NIJ IIIA in terms of protective capability, and Testing requirement for the level 3 is some higher than NIJ level IIIA.



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