Tips on judging the quality of different bulletproof products with the same protection level


The development of technology has promoted the innovation of bullet-proof industry in recent years, and the bullet-proof products are being constantly upgraded and updated. In addition, the manufacturers of bullet-proof products have been springing up, producing a great variety of protective products with different prices and qualities. So, in the face of so many choices, how can we make a correct judgment on the quality of protective products with the same level of protection? Now let me give you some tips.


         Various Bulletproof Equipment

                                                                     Various Bulletproof Equipment



As we all know, the heavy weight of bullet-proof products has always been a headache for us. Heavy weight can bring negative impact on users’ tactics performance, by consuming users' physical strength and reducing their flexibility. For soldiers who fight with enemies in battlefield, only by guaranteeing their flexibility can they quickly avoid the attack of bullets and better protect their safety.


2. Structure

Due to technical differences, the bulletproof products produced by different manufacturers have different internal structures with the same level of protection. For example, ceramic hard armor plates can be divided into two categories according to the shape of the ceramic units. One is made up of quadrilateral ceramic units, and the other is made up of hexagonal ceramic units. In theory, there are less gaps in the plate made up of quadrilateral ceramic units than that in the plate made up of hexagonal ones, when those two ceramic units have the same area. As we all know, the gaps between the ceramic sheets have no resistance to the attack of bullets, so of course, the less the gap, the better. Therefore, when buying ceramic plate, it is suggested to choose the one made up of quadrilateral units. However, the ceramic plate made up of hexagonal units usually have better radian, which is beyond the reach of the plate made up of quadrilateral ones.


         The Shooter With Bulletproof Equipment

                                                                  The Shooter With Bulletproof Equipment


3. Trauma

Traumas refers to the pits on bulletproof equipment caused by the impact of bullets, whose size is also regarded as one of the criteria for judging the bulletproof products’ quality. In general, the smaller the depression, the less damage the bullet will cause to the human body.

Above is all the clarification. 

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