Bulletproof helmet types and their differences


Originally, helmets were only used to provide soldiers with head protection from ballistic impact in war. As the war evolves and the science and technology develop, the defense capability of helmet is constantly upgraded, as the same time, they need to meet solders’ requirement to cooperate with some auxiliary combat equipment, such as night-vision goggles, communication equipment and so on. As a result, helmets have developed into several types in shape and function. At present, there are three main types of bulletproof helmets on the market: PASGT, MICH and FAST. They have some differences in structure and function. You can choose the right ones according to your own needs.


PASGT helmet

PASGT is the abbreviation of Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops. PASGT helmet was first used by the U.S. military in 1983 and was eventually adopted by many other international military and law enforcement agencies. Its outer shell is usually made of multi-layer Kevlar, with a better protective capability. But a common complaint with the PASGT was that the high collar of the Interceptor pushed the back of the helmet forward. This resulted in the brim of the helmet being moved over the eyes, obstructing vision, when firing from a prone position.


        PASGT Helmets

                                                                             PASGT Helmets


MICH Helmet

MICH helmet(Moduler Integrated Communications Helmet)is developed on the basis of PASGT with a less depth than PASGT helmet. It is made by removing eaves, jaw straps, sweat bands and rope suspensions of the PASGT, while adding a four-point fixing system and an independent memory sponge suspension system, which make the MICH helmet more comfortable, and more defensive. This helmet is usually made of advanced Kevlar and can be used to defend pistol bullets. In addition, there is always rails on helmets, which are equipped to carry night-vision goggles and flashlight, etc.

Different from PASGT helmets, this helmet has a ear cut, making it possible to cooperate with communication equipment.


          MICH Helmet

                                                                                         MICH Helmet


FAST helmet

FAST is short for Future Assault Shell Technology, not meaning high-speed. This helmet is made as light as possible on the premise of meeting the protection requirements. With a relatively higher ear cut, soldiers can use most communicate devices when wearing this kind of helmets. In addition, there is always rails on helmets too, which allow to carry many accessories such as night-vision goggles tactical lights, cameras, spectacles, facial protective covers. There are different types of FAST helmets whose ear cuts are different in height, resulting in the differences in protection area and structure.



                                                                                      FAST Helmet


In summary, these 3 bulletproof helmets have their own special structural features and functions. Therefore, when buying a bullet-proof helmet, we should make a reasonable choice according to the use situation and the actual needs.

Besides the helmet structure, the material is also an important thing that you should take into consideration. At present, there are three main materials for making bullet-proof helmet: bullet-proof steel, Kevlar, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), among which Kevlar and PE are most widely used.



As we all know, Kevlar is one of most widely used bulletproof materials, and has been used by the US Army for a long time. Although Kevlar aramid fiber has some disadvantages compared with PE in terms of elastic resistance and price, its great creep resistance, anti-deformation ability, and heat resistance make it more popular in bulletproof industry for the manufacture of bulletproof helmets.



In the field of bullet-proof industry, PE has occupied a larger share of the market because of its simpler maintenance, stronger bullet-proof ability, and high cost performance. But it has poor creep resistance, which makes PE helmet easily deformed in the daily use of soldiers.

To solve these problems, some manufacturers such as Newtech armor are researching and making helmets with the combination of Kevlar and PE. This helmet has both the great bulletproof performance of PE and the stronger creep resistance of Kevlar.

The above is all the declaration of bulletproof helmets. If there are still any questions, welcome to contact us.

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